Together, we can make Mishy's world a reality

embrace the power of anime-inspired Meme Coins!



Mishy is an ERC20 token inspired by the beloved anime character Mishy.

designed to bring fans of Mishy, ANime and crypto together in a vibrant and engaging community while offering exciting opportunities in the world of decentralized finance.

Mishy provides a unique opportunity to elevate your financial potential, all while embracing Your love for the iconic anime character.

Be a part of the new huge meme token, come and join the Mishy community today!


1% Buy Tax

1% Sell Tax

1,000,000,000 Total Supply


Phase 1

Contract Deployment
Community growth
Dextools update

Phase 2

ETH Trending
Influencer Partnerships
CMC & CG Listing
Youtube Videos

Phase 3

Twitter Spaces
Chinese Community Expansion
Billboard Ads
Utility Release

Phase 4

P2E Game Release
Press Conference
CEX Listings
Retail Fomo!

Game (beta)